fmf factory 4.1 vs powercore 4

What exactly is the difference between these 2 pipes. Does either of them take away and gain in other area of the power or do the benifit the whole power curve. I am looking to get one for my 450x. I am not just buying it for more power, i am just wondering about that. i am buying it for better air flow in my bike and a better sound/ look. it also saves a few pounds of the bike oo (not very concerned about that tho hehe) and is either of them louder than the other and is the 4.1 worth the extra money? thanks

i think the 4.1 will be a bit louder then the PC4. i have a PC4 with SA on my xrl and really like it. did it add power? im sure it added a little bit on top of the jetting and air filter and air box mods.. if your riding public lands/trails in the forests, you will need a SA. hope this helps

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