I Need Opinions??

I found that in our very open terrain HS races (jumps, whoops, berms, no trees anywhere, basically a long MX course), I burn about a gallon an hour, and speeds are about 30mph. So I could probably do it on the stock tank. Faster people burn more fuel than I do though, and our races are at 5000 ft ASL, so the bikes are jetted leaner and are less powerful, probably getting better mileage. If your course is really slow and tight, lots of wheelspin, sand, etc. you might not make it.

If I were you? I would go buy one of those 1 quart plastic gas jugs that take the place of your handlebar pad. I used those before, they work well, give some padding, and are cheap and quick to fill your tank. Then you should be covered if you do run out. I think Acerbis or Maier makes them.

<font color="navy">I've pondered this question before myself, and what I've determined is that on a particular loop that I've done about 7 times in Michigan, I get approximately 55 miles on a full tank of premium (92 octane) gas. This is in sandy, fast conditions on fireroads and open trails. Mostly 4th and 5th gear.

Hope this helps, this is just an approximation!





yeah, that jives with my mileage. 1 gal per hour at 30 mph means 30 mpg. Two gallon tank makes it a 60 mile tank range. Our course is slower, mostly 2nd and third, hardpacked, and at elevation, so I can see how I might get an extra 5 miles. I would think a first time racer would be OK with the stock tank, unless the course is very sandy or something. I am sure a pro could run out of gas in 45 miles on most courses.

that is pretty close to the milage i get.

I had a 106 hare pnt to pnt last year so i was very concerned whether i wud b able to make it the whole way and maybe make some ground up by not pitting so i figured my milage from the previous race.

I new exactly how far the last race was( and they were similar in conditions) When I was prepping my bike for the next race i drained my 3.3 Clarke and measured the leftover .

From there with a little math I came up with the result of 110 or mayb 115 miles on my Clarke.turns out it was so damn dusty I had no choice "but" to pit and change my goggles

"Both Pit Stops"

It weighed pretty heavy of a decision all week prior to the race and the dust made the decision for me!

I think you shud make the 45 easily.

I raced acouple races with the stock tank and never had a prob.




That's not thunder ridin' your BUTT .........

It's a whole Damn HURRICANE!!!!!!

Hey guy's, I know I've come to the right place for opinions! I will be racing for the first time soon! From what I unterstand the course is about 45 miles long. Will I be alright on fuel with my stock tank?? or do I need an oversized? I've never let my tank run empty so I don't know how long I can go for. I've got a 00' 426 by the way.

Thanks for your help!

Is this a Desert, Enduro or Harescrambles? Does the course come back to the start area ie...loops

around? You can get someone to refill there if that is the case. I am not sure if you can get 45mi on stock tank. Check with IMS, they can tell you, & sell you larger tank.

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