TTR110 info need

Hey guys, just bought a used 09 TTR110 and seller didnt have owner's manual. Could use some help with some things.

How much oil does it hold?

What is the gap for the plug?

Does it have an oil filter?

Also, took filter cover off and about a tablespoon of oil was in there. I am not alarm by this since we had a TTR50 that did the same thing when on its side. Are the 110's the same way or is there a problem.

Anything else you can tell me about it would be cool also.


From the '11 Manual:

How much oil does it hold? .85 quart

What is the gap for the plug? .6 to .7 mm (.024 to .028 in)

Does it have an oil filter? No

The oil amount is right on the engine by the oil cap. It is in cc's.

Not sure how yours runs now, but drill the plug out on the bottom of the carb to the air/fuel screw and richen it up about a 1/4 to 1/2 turn, and go up one size on the pilot jet (14?). This makes them run a lot better and they are not nearly as cold blooded either.

Good luck! These are great little bikes!

Thanks guys for the info!!

The motor and exhaust on this bike get REALLY this normal? I cannot touch the motor longer than about 3 seconds. Never noticed this with our other 4 stroke bikes we had. I am going to start a separate post about this.

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