Mickeyo rental / walnut 2011


Just wanted to let you guys know,new year new rental dates for my private walnut rentals june 25 sat. Oct 29th and 30 th. I have two others not confirmed yet ill let you know. As always keep me posted as to who and how many. Pass the word to you know who . Thanks mickeyo!!!!!!

Sounds good Mickey. As usual, a couple of friends and I will try and make it. THANKS !

hope weather with us this year last year sucked rained out 3 times

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We are getting a season's worth of rain this spring! this weather sucks!

I'm gonna forget how to ride. If the weather holds, i'll be there. Maybe a couple others also.


is it possible to Camp on Site Friday night? I am driving from 4 hours away.


in your message, you said 9-2pm Friday May27th

or am i mistaken??? thanks.

We did have a rental on may 27th but the track double booked us thier is a motocross school on friday may 27th so we are forced to reschedule the rental so who ever I told im sorry I,ll keep ya informed to the reschedule date.my next rental is june 25th. anything pops up before I,ll let you all know. thanks mickeyo!!!!!!!!

Count me and a few buddies in again. The last one we were at was about to be a perfect day.We got out and started riding for 10 minutes or so on a great prepped track and then it started pouring and pouring hard..That was the end of the perfect day....

see ya on the 25th

is it possible to Camp on Site Friday night? I am driving from 4 hours away.

you can call the track and find out I dont think it will be a problem just let bob know you are here for mickeys rental.

Cheers mick, i'm in.

putting on the calendar hoping to make

Thanks Mickeyo!

My son and i will be there. Finally supposed to be nice and i get to wear my new Alpinestars Neck brace. This is first ride there after cervical disc fusion surgery. :ride:

Maybe one or two others may come to.

great hope everone can make it looks like a perfect weekend

Is this an open invite for thumpertalk members or is it something private? I live about an hour south of the track

I'll be there Mickey with maybe one other.

Mick....I'm in plus 2

What a fun day !!!! Thanks again Mickeyo..:thumbsup:

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