changing bars should i do anything?

I bent my bars pretty bad last year(over an inch back and down a bit) and am getting the bike really ready for this year so besides doing the teflon tape under the lever perches what else should i do? do i need to adjust the clamps in any way? could i put teflon tape under the throttle tube to make it smother? anything that i should look for damage wise?

I would definitely NOT put teflon tape under the throttle tube. It would eventually tear and wad up and make twisting the throttle very difficult, if u have and aluminum tube a little grease is ok but for a standard plastic tube I wouldn't put anything under it.

Also would be a good time to lubricate your clutch and throttle cables

ya i already did that. so should i be looking for any thing that migh thave been damaged

Check all the places that it mounts to where there can be pressure points and such. Look for stress cracks or tares. Also I would check your levers for the perch to be bent possibly.

I put copper anti-sieze on all of the bolts. My son didn't and broke one of the top clamp bolts.:thumbsup:

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