Do I have to split cases to change crank seals?

My buddies got a 1990 RM125 that he is giving up on. We are both pretty sure that it needs crank seals and i have an extra set from my 97 that are the same part number. He doesn't want to split the cases again. Can we change the crank seals without splitting the cases?

I may be wrong here but i think i did a seal on one of my 250's some years ago on the clutch side by hooking out the old seal and sliding the new one over the shaft and driving it home, not too sure about the ignition side tho. If you can get the ols ones out without doing any damage and there is no retaining lip to stop the seal coming out then there is no reason why not, otherwise the cases will need to be split. Hope this helps

Not sure about the vintage but I just put a new set of crank seals in my 01 and no I didn't have to split the cases.

thanks for the info bonger and jackson. I am still trying to talk him into fixing it rather than getting rid of it

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