Replacing timing chain

I am seeing a few threads where guys are reporting cam chain noise and the common answer is to replace a worn out timing chain. I did a search and can't find any info. What is involved in changing it? Any special tools required? Is there a spec to measure the chain and see if it has stretched?

I am curious because my 06 is making some noise and I am wondering if the chain has stretched.

Just curious, how many miles do you have and you have a Mcct or acct?

10,000 kms on mine and I just installed an MCCT. It was noisy before I changed it. I would like to find out if I can measure the chain to see if it is stretched. I work on heavy equipment and the track chains have a specified distance between a given number of links. And if it is stretched, what is it like to replace.

No special tools needed. Remove the primary drive (clutch and primary gear) Suzuki does not actually publish a wear spec. They say to compare the old chain to a new one. Well if you do that, you might a well install the new one.

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