JD needle and main jet settings for drz 400s and 400sm

My brother and I have a dynojet kit and the JD jet kit. From what I understand the JD needles are preferable and the jets are more in the usable range. It would be nice if we could find some good settings so we can use both the JD needles. I understand the SM carb runs a bit leaner. Would we maybe use the leaner red needle on the S and the blue needle on the SM ?

Our two bikes;

'09 drz 400 s w/ 3x3 mod and FMF full exhaust

'06 drz 400 sm w/ 3x3 mod and stock exhaust (w/ dirt wheels & tires)

mostly riding just above sea level (Pacific Northwest) in between 60-80F weather (would be nice if it got warmer this summer) ...

We've already bought the longer mixture screws and float-bowl screws from the TT store.

Thanks for the help !


I've read through the 3x3 master thread, all 40+ pages and wasn't able to find any conclusive answers about the JD needle and jet combination's for our situation.

the S and SM use the same carb. both bikes need the blue needle.

I thought I'd read other posts by you saying the carbs were slightly different, with the SM being leaner then the S ?

Is there a big difference between the DJ and JD needles ? Is it a big enough difference that we should scrap the DJ kit and buy a second JD kit ?

followed up later that it was year differences.00-05 vs 06 to current. even at that its a main air jet circuit difference. not a needle difference.

the 2 bikes you have are the same.

ah !

I must have skimmed over that post. Thanks !

Hello I have a 05 drz 400sm which is bone stock and I want to add a pipe and jet kit. Looks like there's a lot of different jet kits out there and I wonder which one to get. I live in Wisconsin and I heard it depends on the altitude is this true? I know I want DJ brand but not sure if I need a stage 1 or what. Any help would be great. Thanks so much!

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