Brand new 2009 xr650l bone stock

Okay, another new 2009 hits the road....My last new bike was a 1973 yamaha LT3 100 enduro so this is a pretty big deal for me! I have only since been restoring vintage dirt bikes....1972 Yamaha DT2 MX, 1976 CR250M Elsinore, 1982 Yamaha IT465 and a 1982 Husqvarna XC250. So heres the question: What now? Whats the first thing i can modify on this completely unmolested bike? Looking for more power..Good mileage!

Amazing. I went from a Yamaha RT-2 30+ years ago to a almost new bone stock 2007 XR650L.

I did the smog block off kit, a Stage one jet kit, and a UNI filter and so far I am satisfied. Feels smoother and feels like it cruises with less throttle. Gas mileage is about the same so far.

You need to look into a XR650R front sprocket before that skinny stock sprocket starts working on your countershaft. If you get a JT brand you may have to grind on it a little, but i understand some other makes are a slip on fit.

Thanks for the advice on the sprocket....That's the kind of info I am looking for....Before it's too late! Thanks again!

look up "daves mods" on the XR650 forum here on TT, & for mostly off-road duty re-gear to 14/48

look up "daves mods" on the XR650 forum here on TT, & for mostly off-road duty re-gear to 14/48

This and a FMF Q4 will really wake the bike up. Also a priority, if you plan on going off road, is a decent set of knobbies, the stock one SUCK in the dirt/sand. Dunlop D606 or Kenda Trackmaster II are good rears, witht eh Trackmaster having better bite, but the D606 wears like iron. A Pirelli Scorpion Pro front is also DOT and works great off road.

Another thing, for offroad is a Fork Brace, it will help stiffen up the forks so you don't get that spagetti feeling in rutts or whoops or uneven terrain overall.

Next is some stiffer springs, if you weight more than 160#s, the front could stand stiffer one even if you do weigh 160#s. Grab a handful of front brake and you'll see what I mean, that thing DIVES.

If you want to not have to worry about fuel, the Acerbis 5.8 should allow you to go about 250 miles between fillups. it's a little bit of a bear to install, but once it's been on there for a month, it will come off and slide right back into place.

Did I miss anything? Oh yeah, a rear rack really does come in handy. I miss that most of all.

As far as more power, just how deep is your wallet? There used to be the guy that frequented the XR600 forum that invented the Gator motorcycle and it utalized a XR650L motor, he like tinkering with that motor and eventually coaxed 68hp out of it, I believe. Like I said, how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

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