Dual sport or off road for daily rider to work.

I want to buy a bike that I can ride to work. Do I buy a dual sport or something that has a headlight and buy a light kit for it. I was wondering if it wasnt a d-s would the motor explode from the continuous high speeds that it would be in? Would it also ride rougher since its it doesnt have a rubber spacer in swingarm at least thats what I heard? I am looking at a klx 650 its a 1996 I believe. Or do I go with something small, say 250 or 400 and newer? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.:thumbsup:

You need to decide what's best for you. I am a retread newbie. Been 30+ years since I rode MX and a Yamaha dual sport (Enduro back then) on the street - and that motorcycle endorsement on my license has been burning a hole in my pocket the whole time..

I got a Honda XR650L, and i love it. If i could have found a 400 i would have gotten it, but that didn't happen. I rode a buddy's Suzuki DS400, and if I could have found one of those I would have probably loved it too, but now i am glad I didn't. I am not the hard charger I once was. The Honda is tall, and heavy, but I am getting used to it, and it cruises easily at 60 to 65 and is okay for a while on the interstate with stock gearing. When i was driving it home I thought the speedo was 50 - 60 - 70 etc and i felt like i was flying, then when i put my glasses on I saw it was 55 - 65 etc, so i was running 80 on I-10 ! I did the smog removal, and a Stage 1 jet kit, and a Uni filter - totally simple cookbook stuff - and it is even better now. I am riding it to work and loving being on a bike again, and i can ride the trail back to the bayou and have explored several dirt roads i didn't want to venture down before. The roads around here are pretty rough, but since I started relaxing a little the ride is fine.

You might want to go look at some used bikes in your area. They will usually let you ride them a little so you can decide what you like. I hope you find just what you decide you want.

I just bought a new left over 2009 Kawasaki KLX250S for $4800 OTD and am very happy with it. :thumbsup:



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