drz400s suspension

I am wondering if it will be worth the money to have my stock suspension gone through and if so what should i have done? Im 6'3" and weigh about 230 lbs. I mainly ride logging roads but do sometimes get a little aggressive over the waterbars. I was quoted $220 for springs plus install, roughly $400 to have the springs put in, seals done, and oil change. If im gonna spend the money should i even look at have them revalved?

the drz400 comes stock with very softs springs and for your weight you have to get stiffer springs.

But with that much stiffer springs you have to have a revalve as well so my guess is, you might end up with even more than those 400 bucks

So would there be any negative to just doing the front for now and doing the rear when i can afford it?

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