Baja 1000

Okay, so I have read through many of the already open forums and I didn't find a complete answer anywhere, so I figured I would start my own thread. I am planning to run the Baja 1000, and be reasonably competitive and do it solo. I am 5'7", 165ish lbs, former motocross and hair scramble rider, but I haven't ridden much recently and I have some questions. First and foremost, which bike? Money is really kind of a nonissue, but I can't spend millions, so having a custom hand built bike done is out of the question. Because of the amount of mods, I am looking at the 09 lines. The YZ is out, mostly out of spite, partially because I have never liked a Yamaha. Top to bottom the list is the CRF450r, the RMZ450 and the KX450f. I always rode KX's but that was long enough ago that my oppinion is no longer valid. Which is most modifiable? Which is the best stock machine? Which is the best for my size? Etc, I am just looking for: other people who have ridden BAJA or GNCC type races and anyone who has ridden and raced multiple models of the same year bike. Things like bars, wheels, tires, suspension are a nonissue as most of them will either be raplaced or reworked. What I need is a good fit for my size and a good base motor and chasis. Look forward to hearing the oppinions. Thanks ya'll!

i think that the kx made the best run at dethroning jcr honda in the last 10+ years. i think it was 2 years ago that a serious, non-factory, effort was put in and the bike worked well. i think it was a 2009 effort.

i suppose there's nothing wrong with honda i just prefer the others' and kawasaki made the most notable recent effort so i'd probably explore that avenue.

good luck and be safe bud.

depending on the size of your pit crew it might be worth it to run honda and have jcr honda do some of your pitting. go to and you can hire them to do some of your pits. personally i am die hard kawi fan so thats most likely what i would run. but riding honda just for the jcr pits is very tempting since i would have a hard time getting enough people to help with 1000miles worth of pit stops


450x every after market part fit it .

win it on something other than a honda....

something unusual...husky, husa, bmw, ktm, polini, TM, beta, cannondale

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