cheap luggage rack

This is a picture of a lugguge rack I made out of half inch copper tubing. It has served me well. Because of it, I carry my lunch bucket to work everyday and run many errands with my bike (not my boring car). I'v also used it to pick the bike up when out on the trail.

I'm posting a picture for the first time and if it works I will post some other cheap mods later this week. How doing I get picture to open up automatically when people open the post.


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try to post pictures

you have a choice of links to copy in photobucket,,you copy the image link to the post

Rather unique and good use of the sub frame mounts for support. You won't see that one every day. :thumbsup:

For Photobucket is the image link the one under the picture that says "IMG code"

For Photobucket is the image link the one under the picture that says "IMG code"


Dude!!!! That is awesome!!!!!

I grew up in hardware stores and have works for them for the last 12 years and think your idea is just my style. Back in the day before all these home blown pipe shops came around we would make piles of homemade pipes out of brass fittings with SS faucet screens. That brings back so Many memories.


And if your hot line on the hot water heater blows a big hole in it you will the parts to fix it.. It's a win win

Damn and I thought my KLR's conduit racks were bad. Awesome execution!

Go all the way! Polish that baby up like a shiny new penny!

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