bike squirrly in Pennsylvania type culm banks

I have an 09 KTM 250 XCFW that I purchased new, has 14 hrs on it, I ride in the northeast PA area culm banks, black rock and fine black sand, if anyone ever rode this type of terrain, maybe they can shed some light here, I lowered the rear with the X bushing approx 3/4 inch and raised the forks 5/16" to try to keep the same geometry, I checked all the suspension settings by the owners manual. this bike is very squirrly in these conditions, unless I am flying. it is better and more predictable, but normal riding I am constantly correcting it, almost fells like the front end wants to wash out. is this normal. If I recall, back in 89 I had a Honda CR 250, I never messed with the suspension and don't think I had these problems. are there any adjustments that will make a noticeable difference.


have you set the sag correctly?what are your sag numbers?

Do you mean the rear sag, if so, a friend did it when I bought the bike a few months ago, is it done right I cannot say for sure, will look at it.


yes rear sag, rider and free sag please, its critical on the ktms.

HI Mog

I was checking the sag numbers, maybe you can shed some light on what to do here, with the rear wheel off the ground the dimension is 25 1/2 inches, bike on the ground dimension is 24 inches with rider dimension is 20 1/2 inches.


hmm tricky one this but you do have too much sag, once you set your sag to 4.5 inches i think it will be lots better.

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