China Hat, father's day anyone?


Hey my fellow Oregonian dirt enthusiasts! I just caught wind that some of my family is headed over to china hat ohv for father's day weekend. I was just wondering if anybody from TT would be over there also? I always love meeting new people, and especially people that share the same passion for dirtbikes! I'm not sure of the details yet but i will certainly post them as I learn of them! we want to go either friday-mon, or maybe just sunday-wed.

Maybe we could get together and ride a few trails together:ride:

The crew looks like 3 dirt bikes, all 250 2ts and possibly 1 quad so let me know if you're thinking about going also so i can keep my eyes peeled for TT'ers to flag down:lol:

come on people! there has to be SOMEBODY headed over there for Pop's day... I will be there father's day SUN-WEDish, its kind of open-ended depending on conditions (i.e. excessive dust)

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