Polini carb problems??

I bought my two kids a couple Polinis. One is the x1 and the other is an x3. I know the x3 needs a clutch and would like ideas of where to buy one. I also need help with the x1. It was having trouble starting so I took off the carb and used the one off the x3. Worked great. Cleaned the original carb and put it back on. The bike starts fine now but it barely move at full throttle. You can hear the rpm increase but the bike barely moves. Help

both are awesome bikes when you say the x-1 comes up in rpm's but doesnt move,are you getting full rpm's? If so I would think clutch issues. As far as clutches go the only clutch to use is a Tomar Holeshot. Not sure where to buy them as my local shop quit the Polini brand. A Google search should find you some good results.

Im going to change carbs out in the morning and see what happens. It might be the clutch.

The bike is moving but has a loss of power. Does that mean the clutch is slipping or could something else be wrong.

Well, the carb needed better cleaning (a fishing line helped) and it needed a new clutch. Now my kids can both practice in the yard between races. Both these bikes run phenomenal. I would recommend to anyone whose kids are ready for the next step!

that's great! were you able to sort out the clutch issues?

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