Trying To Find A Chain-guard

I know this may sound dumb, but there is no chain guard on my 04 ttr 225. Guy said it broke off on his last ride. Only problem is that I can't seem to find one for the bike. I haven't tried the local shop yet though. I'm a little worried about doing some heavy trail riding and taking a hit to the chain in progress and having that ruin a lot of stuff on the bike.

Anyone know where to get a decent one that fits on this bike?


take a look at any of the online retailers and look at the OEM parts section. For example, try and you can look up the "Rear Arm" part schematic and see what parts are missing. I think you are referring to the following:

38V-22199-00-00 SUPPORT, CHAIN

It is approx $21 replacement cost plus shipping ($6.99 for orders less than $99). There are other internet retailers that sell OEM parts as well that you can check out....or you can buy direct from dealer. My guess is that the on-line price will be cheaper than the local dealer.


Silv, you might be the bestest forum pal i have lol

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