1993 cr 250 fork settings question

does anyone know the stock fork settings for a 1993 cr250 ?

i have a 1993 dirt rider mag and there is an article on suspension mods..the stock setting fork [compression]adjuster is 5. 3 clicks out is best .fork rebound adjuster position should be 10. raise oil level more and get 40kg springs as well if your racing it...the race sag is about 100mm....rear shock compression adjuster is 18 [stock]..they went 14..shock rebound adjuster is 12[stock]they went 9 ..stock shock spring rate is 5.0 ..they went 5.4.."all damping adjustments are counted out from all the way in"...hope this helps..the stock suspension for that year honda was harsh so you have to do some tweaks to get it right how you like it...

Thanks,that gives me a starting point.Previous rider was 220 and I'm 160.

do you have the fork rebound settings ? thanks

1993.jpg 10 clicks [reread my first posting more carefully]

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