Just got my new bike!

My first bike!Its a 05 YZ 450. Picked it up for $1800. Runs great, just needs a new back tire, and some new grips. So excited to go and ride it!


Congrats and welcome to ThumperTalk!:thumbsup:

looks clean the pipe is huge

What kind of riding do you plan to do? Also the price seems pretty good.

Thanks for the welcome! I plan on doing mostly trail riding, but every now and then hit the track too.

Good lookin' bike!

Thanks guys, I feel silly asking this but there is this really small lever above the clutch, and im not really sure what that is. Again, its my first bike so im still learning the bike.

Hot start lever. Makes it easier to restart the engine after she's heated up.

hmm..ok cool.


Have you rode around yet?

Have you rode around yet?

Yeah for a bit, just went through the gears, checking out the suspension and brakes. Then loaded her up after a good visual inspection of the bike. I used to ride my buddies KX 125 way back in the day, and finally was financially able to buy my own.

Awesome! I'm pretty new to all this entirely, so I tend to ask a lot of questions

nice bike bro looks like a trash can for a muffler loljkjk, welcome to the best forum on line!!!!!!

Good looking bike..........have fun and be safe.........

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