Anyone go from a 125 to a 450?

OK so im 6'2 175, second year riding motocross, probly a mid pack b rider now. I have a 98 rm 125, that i ride the piss out of and can still beat quite a few modern four strokes. I was thinking of going to a 450 after riding a friends. The power is just intoxicating, and now im thinking of throwing down for an 07 or newer.

Would this be a bad idea, or way to much bike? I road a 07 rmz250 and loved it but didnt seem to have much more top end then the 125.

Has anyone out there went from one extreme to the other just wondering if i would be putting an add up on craigs list for a trade 450 for 250 ha. Let me know what you guys think.

thanks Wes

Well since you race you understand that controling the power is key and that you have rode one a few times there should not be any reason not.

Try to find a 08' model though that is in good shape. 5 speed and EFI make a huge difference.

Yeah i know an 08 would be nice i am planing on buying one maybe the end of the summer so maybe i can find a deal around 3k.

My buddy did the same thing you want to do, i dont see it being a problem since like you said, you have raced :thumbsup:

I started riding dirtbikes with a 2005 cr125r last spring and had very little riding experience with motorcycles, halfway through the summer i traded my bike for a 2006 rm-z450 a little intimidating with the extra weight and power at the beginning but i quickly learned to love it, sure you can to

You will love the 450. I just got back into MX 2 yrs ago after 25 yrs. Bought a 250 f, but after riding my friends 450, fell in love. I am not a B rider, and race 40 plus vet class B/C. I hardley use all of the power this bike has but its like u said intoxicating. I can just about stay in 3rd. gear all the around most MX tracks unless its a big track that has stretches to hit 4th. When I was a teen I raced 125 class and loved reving that thing out through the gears, but those days are over.

i dont know i am thinking of just going with a 2007 and up rmz 250. I road one today and i feel like it has a ton of power, and not sure i would be happy with a 450. If i were doin more trail riding i would say yeah the 450 would be a blast but on the mx track i dont know. Maybe it will come down to what is for sale when i save up enough money, as dumb as that sounds.

My RMZ 250 was easier to handle in the trails then my 450. I hear the best trail bikes are 250 2 strokes. The 250f is a great bike and offers that grunt in the low end that you cant get from a 125 and they are still reasonably light. I just love the 450 especially on a wide open MX track.

I had a 99' KX125 but it just did not have the ability to keep with the 250's and 450's I was against in 30+. I also had to work really hard to go fast, shifting 50+ times per lap on fast tracks, then getting pulled on uphills and not being able to do anything about it.

I got an RMZ450 and loved it, I could just go fast without realy working that hard. The only things I did not like were the suspension and stalling.

The suspension was really good stock, but it was very stiff in the back end. I weigh 160# and it came with a 5.7 spring (which is great for a 200# rider) and it did not work with the soft front. I clipped a double and it kicked teh rear end up and made me nose down into the 3rd jump, I went over the bars, bike came onto my foot and destroyed my ankle (tore ligaments and tendons).

This winter I got my ankle fixed, and sent my suspension to RG3, I also got an RG3 linkage set. They changed the spring to a 5.3, left the front stock and now it is perfect. no kick, no hop, and it just rocks.

I also installed a Rekluse Z-start Pro, as well as a Boyeson Quickshot.

Now it is impossible to stall.

It is so easy to ride that it almost became boring. I just put it in 3rd gear and leave it, never touch the clutch and just ride.

Last week I bought an 03 KX125...I like riding it becuase its just fun and it is cool to do a few laps it then switch to the 450. It has made me stop being lazy and remember the fundamentals again.

it is amasing how much the 4 strokes hook up, i find i have to have much better form on the 125 or the rear end will slide out on me.

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