Need Advice: Restore or Scrap Yard

Hey Guys, a friend of mine was in a bad spot for money so I decided to help him out. This is what I ended up with, a 2004 125SX for $550 (clean title).

He was the original owner and said the piston and rings gave out when he tore the motor down. The bike has been sitting for 3 years in storage. All the parts are there but obviously it needs some TLC. I have no problem turning a wrench and have built up supercharged Chevy’s before but never a 2-stroke.

Need help deciding what to do with this project. Should I bring this one back to life or part it out in hopes to recover my $550? Please let me know.



Lay out the engine and see how much of it is there and if parts are still usuable.

then take it from there you can get your money back parting it out no problem. May take awhile

you will EASILY get $550 out of the bike - heck the suspension alone should get you $300. In my opinion it depends on two things. Do you want a completed 125 when all is said and done? and do you have the time to restore the bike? They are VERY easy to work on, especially with the knuckelheads on TT here to help you.

So if you have the time and want a 125 when your done, even to flip for a profit, go for it!! If you want a quick buck part the puppy out.

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