Wanted: Best Buy on Distanzias for SM.

Has anybody done the shopping for the best buy on a set of Avon Distanzia tires lately? I need size 120/70R 17 and 150/60R 17 and I want the Supermoto version of this tire....I heard they are making a dualsport and SM version now. southwestmototire.com has these for $112.95 and $144.95 with free shipping but maybe someone has found a better deal on them. Please let me know or give me some tire sites to check out. Thanks.

Unless you’re racing I’d stick with the duel sport compound. They hold the road almost as well as the SM and you’ll get 3 times the mileage out of them.

i was going to On/Offroad but they just went under :thumbsup:

I will look around for you Tim. Oh the SM compound only comes in the 150/60 :confused:

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