XR600 Street KIT not enough electric power

Love riding my Xr600 street legal! My problem is with my horn, blinkers, headlight, and taillight. My current kit installed is crap and is literally falling apart. The wires snap in half from vibrations. The lights never have enough power to even be seen. The horn never works at all, makes a small wheezing sound! I guess the Stator is the issue here? So my question is what is a "Ricky Stator?" Sounds like the Ricky stator gives off enough power from another article I read? How do I create enough power to get the lights really bright and the horn loud? stator?? :thumbsup:


Yes a new startor and probably a better voltage/rectifier, basically the ''upgrade stator'' have larger wires when they make them, so they produce more current, many people will get the wire and just rewind their original stator them self.

Not always generation, but also keep the DC conversion in mind too. Upgrade the stator, upgrade your voltage regulator too. As far as the wire situation goes... don't know what to tell you there... might be worth pulling new wire if your wiring harness is that cheap. I used a 6-conductor jacketed cable for my dualsport kit (built it myself) and haven't had a problem with it.

Look at the current draw on your kit... headlight, taillight, turns, etc... then see what the stator's output is. Voltage regulator needs to handle at least that much. Save power where you can, LED turn sigs/brake lights help.

The stock stator configuration on my KTM wouldn't run everything. Floated the ground in the stator and added a bigger voltage regulator, battery charged quicker than stock and it ran everything without a problem.

Oh good then I will look into this some more soon. What kouack says about getting better wires and rewinding the stator sounds like the cheaper route to take. Might be more trouble then its worth. I guess I'll start with that and see how it goes, unless just buying a whole new street kit, stator, voltage regulator, is the better option?

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