84 z50-where to start, if I even should?

So, about 6-7 years ago I bought a z50 from my little brothers friend for $50. He had had it running for a year or two and it had duct-tape as tire tread. The Plug wire was bad, fixed it and it started right up. Replaced the tires and went to ripping. We rode it pretty hard for several weeks, had a riot on it.

It became our "pitstop" bike when we were at the dunes. We would cruise it over to the toilet and at lunch we would set up a little track in the parking lot to race around. Ran pretty good for a year or two then became hard to start. We would drag it around the parking lot and sometimes it would start up and run great, other times it wouldn't start at all. Every now and then I can give it a kick and it will start up and run but mostly it won't start.

It seems to have very little compression, very easy to kick compared to our 05 crf50. The z50 was a blast and actually would hang or beat the 05 on the sand (advantage wider tire I think). Anyway, is this thing worth fixing? What is a new top end going to run me?

Try changing the oil, changing the gas, a new spark plug, adjust the valves to .002" for the intake and .003" for the exhaust, and clean the contact points, and you might be surprised to learn that it will fire up for you. Over time, the valves will tighten, and the compression seeps by a not fully-closed valve. The contact points can get corroded, hindering spark.

You can get an 88cc big bore kit right HERE if the need be.

Sweet, I will give it a tune up and see what happens. Other wise, an 88 would be fun!

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