kdx exhaust

ok i know its not a thumper, but can anyone advise me on a aftermarket silencer for a 2001 kdx 200 i want to increase power decrease weight but not have it to loud any help is appreciated

I really liked the FMF turbine core 2 that I had on my 1995 kdx

I think most people stick with the stock KDX silencer because the power increase is very minimal and the weight is probably minimal as well. Obviously the stock silencer is pretty quiet

The money can probably be spent better elsewhere. What pipe do you currently have on the bike? I would change that before the silencer.

was it really loud like a mxer

all stock exhaust

not loud at all barely louder than stock. As far as weight it was about 1/2 the weight of stock. For noticeable power really should do pipe also. I also had a 98 with a full Pro Circuit system was great but liked the FMF better

A pipe will make a difference you can feel whereas the silencer won't. The two combined will reduce your weight a decent amount, give you more usable power, and be just a bit louder.

My KDX has an FMF pipe with the stock silencer, keeps the noise at a nice level.

My KDX has an FMF pipe with the stock silencer, keeps the noise at a nice level.

Same with mine. My 90 kdx tested at 82dB at the enduro this spring. I have the fmf fatty with the stock silencer.

i like the turbine core 2. if youre looking for power, get a pipe. the stock silencer is the quietest and doesnt need packing, ever.

ok thanks for all the advice i will start with a pipe

if anyone needs a stock pipe and silencer for a 98 let me know it was taken off with only a couple hours

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