I'm new here and have ???????

Not sure I am posting in the right spot but I thought here was maybe the right place. I just picked up a 1983 xr350 that is plated. Blinkers need replaced But my question is........ It has a break light but it's burnt out. When I get it going again, does the break light double as a running light or are they just break lights. If it's just a break light I will need to figure out something for a tail light. Help please! Thanks

Anyone at all? Is the break light a running light also or just breaking. Running it on the road soni need to know. Also, is the electrical system 6 volts or 12 volts?

if it's an XR it's only a running light. if it's an XL it's a running light and brake light if my mind serves me right..

If there are two wires coming out of it ... brake light (single filament bulb),

If three wires coming out of it.... running and brake light (also would have dual filament bulb)

If it was plated it had to have a running/night light AND a brake light.

BTW break = busted, take a rest (break). Brake is what you do when you want to stop.

Is it ON when the bike's running and the brake is not applied? ON good to go, OFF check the cabling/replace bulb even if it doesn't look busted

Just my 2 cents.

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