2007 kx450f


what's up i am new to thumper talk and here is pic of my bike. It has renthal bars, monster energy graphics, black with green spoked DNA wheels, Pro taper rear sprocket, D.I.D 520 gold chain, polished frame. I just put in a JE high comression piston after doing some carb mods and replacing the valves. let me know what you guys think...

looks good..im thinkin about doing some wheels on mine, but i wana do the fatter custom spoke nips.

I like the frame too, did u do it? Looks good how does it hold up?

Welcome to TT! Bike looks nice! I'm diggin' the green spokes!

stlavsa, the polished frame lasts like one ride, but just hit it with some polish and a polishing wheel or powerball and it looks brand new with a few minutes of work. Nothing too bad.

Yea I polished it myself I wet sanded it with 3 different grits of sand paper then used mothers polish with the mothers ball and polished it. It took a couple hours but it's worth it. It holds up well except for where my boots rub against it. After a day of riding there are marks in the frame but when I wash it i just take the mothers ball and polish to it and it buffs right out no problem.

How are those wheels holding up? Read mixed reviews on them... Do you ride really hard or is it more of a weekend warrior?

yea i ride a couple times a week at least. Im not the type to putt around. I believe that if you have a nice bike you better be performing on it. I ride mostly tracks, i ride the hills with my budies as well. My wheels have held up perfectly. There are no sratches or chips. they are made DNA they are the racing series, i found them on ebay, look up mototeks they make them for i think all makes a models. you can pick your color hub, rim band, and spoke color, even get colored nipples.

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