DNA or warp 9

hey guys im in the market for a new rear wheel and im looking on ebay and i can get a full wheel for basicaly the same price as a excel loop and spokes so im wondering which brand is better

Warp 9 have done me good.

I would lace up a DID Dirtstar LT-X rim and call it a day.

I think you'll find mixed reviews for both of those. I guess it depends on how much you will expect out of them, if they are worth it. On the one hand having the old wheel as a backup maybe with a mud tire on it or something is a nice option for racing. After using aftermarket complete wheel sets myself I find that I'm always comparing how close to "stock" They fit. This will Also be a problem with lacing up your own set, you'll have to get the dish correct per the mm. Most riders won't notice a small variance though so it usually all works out either way. Keep in mind some wheel sets use non standard bearings and spacers. Personally I would trade my expensive excel completes for a new set of stockers.

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