Big bore advice

Hi, im finally putting the drz back together after about 6months of it sitting in pieces (broke gearbox, then broke my ankle)

I figure whilst its all apart, i may as well chuck a big bore kit on there as well.

Now, im assuming its would be pretty useless without changing the carb (its a SM, so fcr).

Also, what cams should i use? are the E cams equivalent to the hotcams? i think i saw that somewhere, but cant remember, its been so long.

Finally, should i change over valves at the same time? They are stock with 30k kms on them, but have stayed in spec since new... so im unsure if i should change them at all, or what with if they need it.

(i searched, but couldnt really find what i was looking for)

Thanks, Tom

HotCams stage1 are comparable to "E" cams, either one will do the job. Myself, i would put in new valves since you are in there anyway. RHC valves would be the first choice. Stock valves are crap 2 piece design.

Mike :thumbsup::confused:


just wondering, would the stock carb be usable at all with a bb?

It can be used, I wouldn't get the best from your BB you want the 39Fcrmx and a free flowing pipe...ssw/mrd or yosh ti is the go...

Hotcams or E cams will be fine...

Eddie can supply all of the above minus the pipe..

Dave at MRD for the pipe..

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