Matrix M3 Ulility/Fuel Can

I was thinking about getting one of the new Matrix M3 Ulility/Fuel Cans....Does anybody have or used one of these fuel cans? Just wanting some feedback good or bad.........thanks TT members.......:thumbsup:

I think it was Dirt Rider who mentioned in their review that one of the jugs they received leaked. Matrix sent them a new one. I bought a set of Matrix tie-downs and I think they are quite cheap. On paper their stuff seems good but I am not impressed and will not be buying any more of their products.

IMHO, a high dollar designer fuel can is one of the last places to spend money. Now, if you've got money to burn, go ahead, but the cheap 5 gallon cans from a local box store work just fine for me.

Thanks for the info guys....I just thought it was cool that the shape of it would fit down in a bike stand turned upside down....I understand about the "looks good on paper" thing...that why I wanted some real feedback......It is pricey for a jug....

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