new fork seal still leaking.

my 2010 yz250f blew a fork seal at 3 hours. so we replaced it and it stopped. i then when went to a supper deep sand track and fell off quite a few times (6) the fork seal is now leaking again. when we put the feeler gauge through it it stops leaking completly for about half an hours riding and then slowly starts again. do you think there could be sand working its way in and out? is it worth taking it off again and cleaning it or just replacing it again? should a replace dust seals as well as oil seals? thanks

use skf seals and be happy.

same thing happened to me with my rmz 450. fork seals can go out after a few hours or last forever. get a good brand. Im not too familiar, and stick with them. I would say replace them.

brand may be an issue. Hell, I use Tusk and never had an issue. I'm not real sure about the YZ's but our KX's have a 48mm Fork. But the actual size of the seal is a 47.5mm. I once ordered 48mm seals and it leaked within an hour or so of riding. i did my investigating and found out the problem 47.5mm.

ok coz i only use cheap ones. they are the right size seals. might try a better brand thanks

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