Boot repair?

I was in a crash recently and just noticed that my right boot got damaged. They are Gaerne SG10's, and the main ankle pivot screw on the inside of the heel broke loose or pulled out. Also, the thick leather area that covers your achillies got torn.

These boots are still in great shape and theres no way am I chunking them and buying a new pair. Does anyone know where I can get these repaired? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Try and give Gaerne a call/email. See what they can do.

[sarcasm] Oh yeah! See if they can get your shifter mark cleaned off of it too. [/sarcasm]

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just because I can!!!!

gaerne has a vendor they use for repair, give them a call, i had the same problem with mine, they came apart from my frame guards catching on them, i called them and they told me about the vendor, but i was able to repair mine by welding a washer to the threaded part of the pivot and reinstalling it.

GearneUSA doesnt do repairs. They gave me a name of some guy up north that may be able to help. Or I may take it to a boot doctor locally. Thanks.

@aakmetz Did you just pull the metal plate through the rubber housing? 

Just bought these used. Despite the break, couldn't be happier. So incredibly comfortable and I feel well protected. Could be lighter tough. 


I used a T post it has threads in it, an I welded a washer to it, then ground down the washer to where I could just get it behind the tin plate, I made it a tight fit where it wouldn't pull through, btw I just retired a pair in good condition size 9 black, 60.00 pus shipping, I went to the SG 12's


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I'll pull out what's in there and try to do the same. Maybe an old snowboard baseplate t-nut will do the trick. Thanks for the response.

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