bike seem squirrly

I have an 09 KTM 250 XCFW that I purchased new, has 14 hrs on it, I ride in the northeast PA area culm banks, black rock and fine black sand, if anyone ever rode this type of terrain, maybe they can shed some light here, I lowered the rear with the X bushing approx 3/4 inch and raised the forks 5/16" to try to keep the same geometry, I checked all the suspension settings by the owners manual. this bike is very squirrly in these conditions, unless I am flying. it is better and more predictable, but normal riding I am constantly correcting it, almost feels like the front end wants to wash out. is this normal. If I recall, back in 89 I had a Honda CR 250, I never messed with the suspension and don't think I had these problems. are there any adjustments that will make a noticeable difference.


Back off the pre load on the shock. Or tighten the preload. I'm guessing that in the lowering you got your spring pre load out of wack. If your front end is washing out in turns tighten it up. If it is unstable in a strait line back it off. I would tell you to set it per the owners manual but I am guessing that the lowering you did makes thoughs numbers erelovent.

What front tire are you running? My 07 is very sensitive to front tire pressure. Even 2 - 3 psi too much makes it a real handful, especially in deep sand. I run a Pirelli Scorpion Pro at 11 psi and ran a Michelin S-12 at 12 psi.

Good luck,


07 250 XCF-W

09 FZ1

I have an 07 and it is pretty squirrly, I have been told I need a heavier rear spring, but I am going to try a lower pressure in the front tire or a different front tire first. I am going to get the spring as soon as I can, can't ride for awhile anyways due to arm surgery.

Good luck

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