Rivet style master link?

How do you know when you have enough of a spread on the rivet? I am installing a rivet style master link on a DID 520VM X ring chain.

My Motion Pro tool says to follow the chain manufacturer’s instructions. Per Motion Pro, some master links require as little as 0.006” to as much as 0.028” and not to over tighten the tool to avoid tool damage and damage to the rivet side plate.

DID just said to use their tool.


When pressing on the side plate, I use a caliper to match the dimension of the width of the chain. This is important to get the correct crush on the seals. When peening over the rivets with my RK chain tool, I just tighten it until I feel firm resistance and call it done.

^I'll second that. Riveted chains are a pain in the ass lol...

Was a clip style master link not available?

Thanks for the input.

I did use a caliper to check the distance between the side plates.

I just got an email note back from DID. Their response: "The amount of flare for DID 520VM is 0.217" to 0.228". "

It looks like I need to flare my rivets a little more.

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