Should i replace valves / springs my self ?

My bike has been shimmed twice now and is going to need new valves soon (when i can afford it )

My question is , How hard is it to replace valves and springs my self ?

I know that you need a tool for it and everything and will buy that if i decide to do it my self , My bike shop charges way too much to work on bikes and i really carnt afford for them to fit these right now ..

I would rather work on my own bike if it is possible for me to do this work my self anyway

so can i do it and are there any guides online or anything ?

I can take an engine apart but valve replacing sounds a bit complicated , i will take the seats to be cut before new valves get put it anyways ..

Oh and how much is a good price for new valves / springs ? I think i will get steel ones because it seems they last longer ?

Thanks for any help , much appreciated

The biggest thing is with new valves means the seats need recut to spec. If you replace the OEM with SS then get matching springs for those valves are needed.....and also most likely the exhaust valve guides are worn and should be replaced. It maybe cheaper to remove the head yourself and send it to reputable builder. There are many here and at most local levels. Not a dealer but a builder.

Thank you for the quick reply , I have another question ..

I messaged a place that does head re-builds and they gave me prices for different things ..

Zoom Factory steel inlet valve kit £129.98 (2 x valves, 2 x uprated springs, 4 x cotters)

Genuine Honda exhaust valve kit £85.94 (2 x valves, 2 x springs, 4 x cotters)

Valve stem oil seals, Inlet £3.77 each, exhaust £7.54 each

Valve seat cutting £18.00 per seat

Valve seat replacement £66.00 each

Valve guide replacement £20.00 (labour only)

Strip, clean build and shim £18.00 (labour only)

Shims £3.00 each

Is it usual to get the exhaust and intake valves done together ? my exhaust's were actually in spec last time i checked and it was just intake that were the problem , would it be ok to just replace intake if exhaust are in spec still ?

This job aint looking as cheap as i thought it would be

It is very common to atleast have the valve seats recut and replace valve guides on the exhaust at the same time as replacing the intake valves. I might not replace the exhaust valves but just recut the seats and check guides and replace seals. That would save you some money since the SS exhaust valves are usually good for some time.

Valve stem oil seals, Inlet £3.77 each, exhaust £7.54 each

All the prices look good but I thought the valve seals for the intake and exhaust were the same....Maybe mistaken.

You need to reseal up your airbox really well to help prolong the life of the new valves. You should also replace the timing chain while you have the engine apart.

One last thing to keep in mind is the new SS intake valves with matching springs will also need matching retainers. OEM cotters are ok.

Good luck and keep us posted how you make out.

Hit up Charlie C and he can give you great info on these motors.

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