No more chicken strips!!

I finally got a chance to ride the drz400sm were I wanted to. It was a little ways away but when I got there.......the peg dragin began. this is my first street bike and I am hooked!! I was very surprised with how well this bike eats up the twisties. Now I jusnt want to wait untill the breakin period is over and I will do the 3x3, full fmf and re- jet. I thought guns were addicting, this might be a little more.:thumbsup::confused:

Fmf? Why ?. Just for looks?

Easy there you hooligan, start with the loctite.

Congrats. If you have 30 minutes on the motor it is broken in so let the mods begin.

And as it happens I have a full FMF system for sale... pm me if interested.

Mrd/Ssw cough cough :-)

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