New Rider!!!

I got my son a pw50 for his 6th B-Day, the 1st ride resulted in a case of whiskey throttle and he laid her down. He was afraid to ride it for awhile after that, but by the end of the day he was zipping around the yard like he's been riding it for a year and didn't want to stop riding!:thumbsup:

My wife's cousin had my camera, the video isn't the best, but:

Awesome! I can't wait until my boys are big enough for their first bike!

Nice! He's got all the right protective gear too :thumbsup: From the sound of it, he'll have those knobbies worn down in no time!

that is awesome! doesnt really even put his feet down like most beginners. i think we got the next GOAT on our hands :thumbsup:

that's cool! good job dad!

he will be tearing it up in no time, great balance too!

My son started on a pw50 and they are great bikes to start them on! he is now 7 and on his sisters pw80, soon as I can afford it I'm getting a kx65 for him. they learn and grow quick!

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