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Jet Settings DRZ 400 S With 3x3 FMF Q4

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I realize this topic has been beaten to death and I have probably spent 10 hours of my life reading through these forums trying to figure out what I need to do. I have failed so I'll post. I'm sorry for the redundancy.

I have a 2006 DRZ 400 S with a Powerbomb header, FMF q4 exhuast, 3x3 mod, K&N air filter. I ride mainly on road/gravel between sea level and 2000 ft above. I ride most of the year as long as the temperature is above 45 and below 100. I purchased a Dynajet stage 1 jet kit but from my reading it appears the appropriate jets are not in this kit. Do I need to purchase a James Dean kit? Can I use the needle from the Dynajet and just keep the pilot/main jets stock (22.5/142.5 I believe)? Can someone (eddie) point me to the correct settings?

Is it true that the Mikuni stock 142.5 jet is actually a different size from a 142.5 I would buy from an aftermarket company? I have seen conversion tables floating around the internet.... Are the jets not standard in sizing?

Thanks in advance.

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