cant start up my bike. Please help

So I recently got a 79 suzuki PE 250. I ran when I bought it but had a carb leak issue. I fixed the carb and now it wont start! I cleaned it and took it apart and back together about 5 times now. I have spark, the plug is wet after a few kicks. I got it running but to do so I towed it 40 mph and put it in 3rd. What is wrong with my bike?

It ran before you 'fixed it'? Like the day before?

You sure you have spark?

Did you try a new plug?

Fuel fresh?

it ran about a week ago. the problem was a leaky seat for the needle valve in the carb. That is fixed and it stops gas as well as lets gas through. the spark plug is new and I am positive it has good spark. and nice blue bolt. the gas is from last week as well, along with new oil (its a two stroke) and some seafoam. It wont even turn over with a kick and when i try to pop the clutch going down a hill it sort of runs, not really, only the motion keeps the lights on and the engine sounds likes its under water but as soon as i stop or i hit the clutch the bike dies again. one thing i did before was to test spark and kind of dry off the plug then it would at least turn over. I thought it was the leaky carb overflowing but could it be my reed valve? any help would be appreciated. thanks

What ever you 'fixed' you messed something up. It ran before you changed teh float needle valve and seat.

First, get the manual, and check the float height. Do it EXACTLY like the book says. Afterweards, use a new spark plug (not just a cleaned off old one)

turned out to be my reed valve was gunked up...

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