Chains - EK? RK? DID? ???

My old x-ring chain on my 650L is on its last leg and needs to be replaced. I know I'm going to switch to a 650R countershaft sprocket, but am looking for a good rear sprocket and chain.

Any suggestions on which brands? Where to buy?


Those are all good. It doesn't matter as long as it's made in Japan, not China.

I've used all 3 brands that you mention, they're all good.

I use the DID pre-stretched z-ring chain and its great. I've got 2000 miles and it hasn't requires not one notch of adjustment yet.

I use RK chains almost exclusively and have been really happy.

Use O-rings chains and currently have the 520 MXU for motocross. They claim it's the lightest 0-ring chain. It seems thinner and lighter than my other RK o-ring chain.

Rear sprocket- Renthal makes a twin ring that is aluminum on the inside for weight savings and steel on the out side for longevity. This I have 3 of them and I have been very happy with them...2 different bikes and one bike with 2 sprockets that I can use.

that's what I run:thumbsup:

Do they require different master links?

RK, xw type :thumbsup:

I've used RK and DID chains. Never had problems with any of them as long as they are maintained properly.

I was looking at Ironman sprockets the other day ( and they claim the Regina ZRH Z-Ring is "Longest Lasting Chain on the market".

I was thinking about getting the combo with a xr650r front sprocket which would be around $230. It seems pricey but if it did last 2x as long, then it's a deal.

Regina, the best ever made cost a little more but last forever.

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