SM Jetted after 3X3 Mod?

Hi All

Apologies in advance for the simplistic nature of the question, but I haven't been able to find the answer, despite hours on this forum.

I have just got a "new to me" DRZ400SM 07, 3000 miles and sold to me as stock. I was looking into doing the 3X3 mod and re-jetting as recommended and was trying to familiarise myself with the DRZ. Removed the seat and was surprised to find a 3X3 hole in the top of the only almost stock!

The question is how can I (easily) tell if the re-jetting has also been done? Preferrably without striping the whole bike down.

My level of mechanical competence currently extends to holding a torque wrench and reading a workshop manual.

The only performance guidance I can give is that it generally seems to run well, though at slow speeds (in town traffic) the trottle response is not the smoothest, a little "jerky".

Any help/guidance would be more than welcome.

Welcome to TT Bob! :confused:

I'm guessing you already asked the person you bought it from about jetting?

Short of pulling the carb, which is a pretty easy job, you really can't tell for sure. Your going to want to dig into it as some point anyway. :worthy:

Mike :thumbsup::busted:

Thanks for the prompt response Mike.

I guess you are right about getting in there at some point, but was hoping this would not be quite so soon.

Bought from dealer who advised that it was "stock" so my recourse would be to them I guess, though I am happy not to have to cut the 3X3 anyway.

Last questions if you don't mind? Will the jet sizes be clearly marked on them? Will I have to remove them to see that detail? My previous bikes were FI so the whole carb thing is a relatively new experience...willing to learn though.

Thanks again

They will be clearly marked but, you will still have to remove them. :thumbsup:

have an 10x loop or a good magnifying glass to read the numbers on the jets and needle.

If it is not smooth through the need to re-jet...whether or not it has been attempted prior.

Thanks all. That's the weekend sorted then.

If its just had 3x3 without rejet it will be running crap...

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