Recommended Handlebars

Hey guys! first off i would like to say i am new here.. and i love that i have found a home for discussion on my newly purchased CRF230F!

i took it out this weekend, and noticed a few things i would like to change,

i am approximately 5' 10", and 210lbs (im not supposed to be this fat, when i get in better shape i will be sitting around 185)

i know this bike is a little small for me, but i am a begginer, and wanted a bike i could learn with that wouldnt kick my butt on the trails..

i sit perfectly with my feet just touching the ground when i straddle her, but i want my handlebars a little higher.

the kid i bought the bike from gave me the handlebars he bought, which is a Renthal FatBar, but putting it next to the bike, it only widens the stance of the bars.. i want height out of it..

so my question to you all, is does anyone know of a good handlebar i should buy so i feel a little more comfortable when riding?

Thanks in advance!


welcome to the 230 club!

I have used both the Protaper CR-Hi bend and (for even more height with shorter width for woods riding) the Honda Mini bend.

You will find that the 230 can be a very capable bike when properly modded.

As you get more into it - you will probably want to rejet the carb and upgrade your forks and shock. Many 230 owners are running Racetech Emulators and Works shocks or Hlebro re-valved shocks.

i will look into the re-jetting (powerup kit) i guess it is called for the winter, when my bike is parked away with nothing to do for the entire winter...

for now, i just want to ride, and want it to be as comfortable as possible.. (i should invest in a new seat lol, cuz my butt was sure sore the next day)

i read the thread on rejetting the CRF230F on this forum, doesnt seem too difficult, if i have some down time in the week, i may look at this..

also, i see everyone has removed baffles... apparantly this doesnt cost anything... but i am confused? what does this do? and how do i do it? what is the benefit?

Yes, you will need to pull out the rubber "snorkle" from the top of the airbox and remove the baffle insert from the exhaust tip - One torx screw holds it in. removing the snorkle and exhaust baffle lets the engine "breathe". Do not remove these items until after you re-jet or your engine will run way to lean. It has been discovered (Coeshow's dyno testing) that the 45 or 48 pilot jet and 120 main jet and the clip on the needle in the 4th position work best for most bikes. So don't get the power-up kit. Just get the khehin jets on-line for $4 or $5 bucks each. You will find that the bike starts much easier and has a noticeable increase in power throughout the power band.

My bike used to beat me up too until I got the Works shock and the emulators. Now it just soaks up the bumps and handles way better too!

excellent Thanks for the help werra... i will totally be bothering you again in the winter when i take the engine out, and start farting around with it..

i will probably just do some basic upgrades to the bike to make it as efficient as it SHOULD have been from factory (lol @ honda)

it isnt usually to bad at starting.. takes a little while to stay running with the choke off.. but once i get it idling, she purrs like a kitten, i cannot wait to see how she works next season when i rejet it :thumbsup::D:D:D thanks again for the help!


No problem - glad to help! I am no expert by any means but I have learned a lot from the people on this forum!

Yeah, Honda has them pretty lean from the factory due to all the restrictive emission controls.

Keep us posted on your upgrades when you get around to them!

i just got a pic of the bike up in My Garage, have a look!

lemme know ur thoughts! and i will be posting everything i do to the bike in this site.. i LOVE this site :thumbsup:

Nice bike! I have a 2009 and my son has a 2005. I guess I need to add them to "My Garage" too.

I love the way the 230 is adaptable from a really good beginner's bike to a very capable woods bike. The aire cooled-engine is very reliable and easy to maintain. I'm sure you will have a blast with it!

I am only an inch taller then you and I have the Pro Taper YZ high bend bars on my 230, their great, love em. Their the Pro Taper SE YZ Hi Bend bars.

YZ bars on a CRF? ok... i figured the letters corresponded to the bike they were going on.. you would go with a CR bar.....

To be honest with you. The Pro Tapers we're on the bike when I got it. YZ is just the bend of the bar. I had the Pro Taper CR high bends on my CR250 and liked them, totally different bike though.

I really like the YZ high bends on the 230 as I have longish arms and I find them to be comfortable for what I use the bike for.

fair enuff... it makes sence!

i will check those bars out :thumbsup:

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