96 XR 250 stalling after high speed runs

Hi all

just returned after a night ride on my xr250.

She ran perfectly fine when the speeds were 60 and under...engine was firing properly and it wouldn't miss a beat.

On a straight stretch i reached little over 100Kmh...Still ran strong with plenty more throttle left but after slowing down from that speed...The engine started to stall.

I managed to keep it going by keeping the revvs up but even still the firing was uneven.

Crawled back home and it was missing like it was starving of fuel or like the plug wasn't firing properly.

The motor wouldn't run properly even after i came home and had it idling.

Very rough idle and it would die if revvs are not kept up

what gives?

I have a new sparky in there.

Also i have some oil going through my valve seals as the bike smokes a bit after sitting in for a few days.

I'm guessing it's something to do with the sparky...

no idea what exactly it is...

any ideas guys? :thumbsup:

00.30hrs here and i think i found the problem :confused:

the new sparky i installed has it's ceramic insulator cracked. Quite possibly when i installed it.

Cleaned up and installed the old sparky but gotta wait till morning to fire her up.

cant wake up the neighbours with my supertrapp with 10 discs on :thumbsup:

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