Breather Hose Concerns on new 350's???

Just getting ready to head down to the sand dunes and taking the new 350sxf along and noticed the breather hose is venting at the head where as my 08 505 it was a crank breather hose. I had an 07 yzf (I know, what was I thinking) that literally took in over a half cup of sand through the breather hose and it looks like the same setup my new 350 has. On the yammy's they rerouted the wr version into the clean side of the air boot so it didn't vacume up water while off roading. Anyone concerned about this new setup besides me? After a new motor (07 yzf) I rerouted mine to the dirty side of the airbox and built a little filter for it. I have yet to test the sxf but on the yzf I put 16 inches or so of clear hose extended on the breather and put it in a glass of water, ran the bike on a stand in the garage- lots of bubbles - air comming out. Then I put it in gear ran it and stalled it by hitting the rear brake - GULP - it sucked up about 2/3rds of the glass. My thoughts are that if it stalls upright your probably not going to vacume enough to get into the engine. If it stalls on it's side while the hose is under sand or water - less resistance and it will bring pelnty right into the motor. Did the same test on my 08 505 (crank breather) and it sucked a tiny little bit on stalling but no gulp. Curious if they have the 350xcf rerouted or hanging down like a vacume?

i thought it hung down too low, so I cut off the extra hose to the frame, and installed a skid plate. Hope it doesn't become a problem, although I only ride mx.

THe xcf is routed down by the ground. The other problem, other than water is dust. The stock location is right in a super dusty area. I re-routed mine before the first ride, to the dirty side of the airbox and a little filter on it too. I have heard of people finding dirt the entire length of the breather, not good. If you do re-rout the breather, make sure not to pinch the hose, I had to cut a little plastic by the ecu to make room for it.

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