Top End Torque Specs

i'm swapping out my piston and rings and changing my gaskets... can you guys all give me each and every torque specs to do so for the rebuild?

also can you guys give me torque specs to reset the valves while i'm in there?

if there is already threads posted about this stuff can somebody post links

piston is a 488cc cylinder works big bore vertex piston and rings and Pro Circuit Head Mod porting etc.. with their valves,springs,seats,Pro-Circuit Cam.


Best 'I' can do I'm afraid


too small to view lol..

i take it you dont have a owner manual. this is from my 08 manual

cylinder head nuts - 44 lbf ft tighten in a criss cross pattern

cylinder and cylinder head bolts -7 lbf ft

engine hanger plate bolts -19 lbf ft

engine hanger nut -40 lbf ft

camshaft holder assembly bolts-10 lbf ft

no my brother has it down south

is there any other tq specs i will need?

and the ones for the valves also..

When tightening the cylinder head nuts, don't make the same mistake that I did. You want to torque them down in a criss cross pattern, but you should do it in either two or three passes. Torque them down first @ 15 ft/lbs, then 30 ft/lbs and then finally to 44 ft/lbs. I found out the hard way if you don't do it in a sequence, then the head gasket will leak, then you need to purchase a new one.

thanks for the info guys i appreciate it.. still looking for more though

thanks for the info guys i appreciate it.. still looking for more though

what else do you need

umm my builder wants to make sure the valves are all fine and zero'd.. so i think i need tq specs for those

camshaft holder assembly bolts-10 lbf ft

valve bolts

oh ok perfect! i'll give my builder these specs and hopefully that's all i need.

Not too sure I would want a builder that doesn't have a manual, and requests the customer to provide torque specs. But, that's me. I have a 08 PDF manual for an 07-08 I can send you if you like. Just pm me your email address.

I'm almost positive I messaged you before asking for one... ok You got a pm coming

Lol he's not that kind of builder.. he used to be a small engine mechanic though so its all good... he knows what he's doing he just works on his own stuff now

too small to view lol..

Hold down the 'Ctrl' key and press the '+' key as many times as you require to be able to see it :thumbsup:

i didn't know that trick thanks man!

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