Should I replace old reed valves?

I've got a 96 300 exc,

Will I see any benefit if I replace the reed valves? They are not damaged, there is no splitting at the ends or anything, but they are original, circa 1996. Do they become stiff with age or anything?

Should I replace them, or as long as they are in good condition, leave them?

I say if they are in good shape run them but then again I don't have the best reputation for getting KTMs to run that long between seizings.....:confused::lol::worthy::thumbsup:

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I'd replace them.

They make different reeds with different power profiles. Do some research.

I flipped my old ones over to get more life out of them. I have heard of people using them until they are so old they break and fall into the crankcase which is not good. Might be worth replacing at that age.

i recommend replacing them for consistency

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