Rekluse in a KX250F

Does anyone have exprerience with using a Rekluse clutch in their KX250F? I have a 2011 and was considering a Z-Start Pro. Plenty of $$$ but any reviews I have read tend to indicate that once you use one there is no turning back.

Just wondering what your views are...


I have a z start pro installed in my 06 (bike also has the athena 290 kit) Its like cheating. I'm a c-class woods/harescramble rider. I don't think I've really stalled the bike since I put in the rekluse. And I can stop in the middle of a tough uphill and just twist the throttle and the bike will grab and go.

I haven't used the Rekluse, but I do have a Revloc Dyna Ring in my 06 KX250F.It's the same concept as the Rekluse,but with a different setup. It's also half the price as the Rekluse. I've had mine for maybe 6-8 months now and I love it. I ride track and trail and it hasn't disappointed me. Oh yeah one more thing.They say you can't bump start your bike with a Rekluse, but with a Dyna Ring you can because all of your adjustment still in your clutch lever adjuster. It may take a few minutes to do it, but who cares when your in the middle of nowhere and bump starting is your only option. I'm not bashing Rekluse or anything, I've heard a lot of good stuff about it,but in order for me to continue riding I've got to keep expenses as low as I can and Dyna Ring turned out being the one to fit my budget.

Rekluse has a comparable product to the Dynaring. It's called "EXP 2.0" and costs $399.

I have a Z Start Pro in a CRF and a Core EXP in my KXF and wouldn't have it any other way. It should be a factory option in my opinion, but then it would go for $1k wouldn't it?

Don't forget to dial up your idle on the '11 and you'll have an extremely hard time stalling the bike. It can be done, but it takes a great deal off neglect/effort.

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