gas line change...bubbels?

changed the gas line from tank to carb on an old dr200. now there are bubbels in the gas line between carb and tank and wont go away even when i open the carb drain line to try and "bleed' the line....any help?

wouldn't worry about it. just ride it and see if the bumps and vibration make them go away. if they don't and the bike still runs fine i would leave it.

+1 Air bubbles in a fuel line are not an issue. It's not as easy as you might think for trapped air in the line to migrate upward through the petcock and through the pick-up tube screens. This is exactly why in fuel injection systems the fuel lines are very large in diameter and there is a swirl tank with the same large lines attached to remove air. Certainly a problem for fuel injection... not so much with a gravity feed carb. If you can open your carb bowl drain and get a steady stream of fuel running out of it there will be no issue suppling all the fuel your engine will need. :thumbsup:

raised the front end, drained through carb and all but one bubble went away. runs fine, done deal!


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