2 up tire pressure and techniques

I know the variables, but what range or starting point would be good.

I'm 185 and she's maybe 135 lb's. Will be riding the road to different trails then to the gravels then dirt then some rocks and hills. I'll be nice and let her dismount if sections gets to rough.

And what are some basics for passenger riding techniques on gravels turning and road?

I ride 2 up a lot with the wife too

I am 150, she's 125.

I run 32psi rear, 22psi front.

she grabs me around the waist, I sit against the gas tank when it gets bumpy. she can also grab the bike seat

keep your weight forward in the turns, don't be afraid to lean the bike over. make sure she doesn't fight it

Set the sag with both of you on the bike if your going to be doing this often. It will keep the front from washing out in the dirt. Something iv'e learned the hard way...

Should I tell them to weight the outside peg, or at least the unweight the inside peg, I've ridden some in the dirt and road and can be a little aggrevating when you have to fight them...

I suppose just like when I'm tearing it up by myself it takes practice to work a team.

but I'm hoping to get some more pointers to save from a broken leg or a bent ego.

n16 if you were to be riding strictly dirt what pressure might you use?

I always take care of my passenger and am not trying to go balls out but if I have the right one with me and is really sporting, it will be nice to be a step ahead of the game and if something does come up to0 quickly maybe we both can handle it.

Sorry too many puns.

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All the passenger has to do is stay in the center of the bike - I tell them to enjoy the ride and basically do nothing. No leaning. Even moving their head around at certain times can throw you off a little.

Take it easy out there with a passenger. The bike can technically transport two people, but it's far from ideal. Don't try to push the limits.

yeah, I just tell her to go with the bike, don't lean one way or the other.. that way she is like one with the bike so I can control it. if she leans then I can't control it.

20psi rear, 15psi front offroad

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