2010 txc 510

Well, I finally got a chance to really spend some time on my new 2010 TXC 510 and the more I ride it the happier I am with it. I have made very few adjustments to it and I am now pretty comfortable on it. I will have to get the forks reworked, but other than that all is really good. This is my first 4 stroke, and after riding KX 500's for the last 15 years to be honest I wasn't all that impressed with the power. But the more I ride it the more I realize that it actually has really good power and a really nice spread for the delivery. Anyhow, thinking I was going to get my doors blown off, I raced my buddies KTM 505 xc, KTM 530 xcw and a Honda CRF 450x and my Husky out ran them all. It was something I just wasn't expecting, although from a bigger picture the actual speed doesn't really matter. Getting up some of the big bad ass power hills though it sure is nice to have the extra oomph.

So far the bike has been extremely reliable, but I really need to do something about the motor mount as after a long day it loosens up a bit. I may have to safety wire it.

I have talked to and ridden with a few guys that have come over from 2 strokes and they all complained about the lack of power on a 4 stroke. I think it comes from the lack of the big hit you get from the 2 strokes when it gets on the pipe. But not long after they realize the power is there and it is just smoother and easier to control. At least that is the impression I get from the ones I have talked with.

That's about right. The 500 definitely has more power, and it is actually fairly useable. The difference for me is that the 4 stroke seems to hook up really well and is driving forward when the 500 is still spinning it's wheels. Now, in the open desert if all else was equal I am pretty sure the 500 would be faster, but you certainly would be working a little harder to manage that extra power. Where I see a significant difference is trail riding with the kids. The 500 was a royal pain when riding slow, whereas the 4 stroke will do it all day long without a problem. So far I find I am not really giving anything up but I am gaining a lot more versatility with the 4 stroke.

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